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Student Council

Student Council

Upcoming Events
  • Meetings: 1st Tuesday of every month (before, after school and during B lunch)
  • Officer Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of every month
  • Meet the Hippo - Wednesday, September 2nd
  • Homecoming - Friday, September 25th
  • Homecoming Dance - Saturday, September 28th

HHS Student Council
101 FM 685
Hutto, TX  78634
512-759-4700 ext. 6053

Student Council Officers
You may sign up now to run for office.  Applications are due Tuesday, 9/7.  Campaigning and elections will follow. 

Want to be a part of student council?  Come to meetings.  We meet every the first Tuesday of every month either before or after school. 

What does Student Council Do?
Student Council Committee Opportunities
Pride and Patriotism - school and community pride
Energy and Environment
DASH - Drug, Alcohol, Safety, Health
Community Service
General Student Council Annual Activities
Summer Fundraising
Welcome Back Activities
Homecoming Spirit Week
Homecoming Royalty Elections and Presentation
Homecoming Dance
TASC District Fall Convention
Pink Out Activities
Thanksgiving Goodwill Activity
Christmas Goodwill Activity
TASC District Winter Retreat
Valentines Day Goodwill Activity
Spring Break Safety Activity
TASC District Spring Convention
Officer Elections
Spring Fundraising
TASC State Convention - Arlington, TX
Senior Goodwill Activities, Senior Bags