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Solid Roots

Solid Roots
Behavior Support

A Tier Three Framework for Behavior Intervention and Supports

Solid Roots is a comprehensive framework for designing effective behavior programming, whether inclusion-based or self-contained. Developed from the most recent educational and behavioral research, the training program supports campuses in developing sustainable systems for Special Education behavior classrooms, including…

Efficient use of Staff and Resources, Daily Routines and Procedures, Data Collection Processes, Academic Support, and Communication Practices

What is Solid Roots?

Most training for behavior programs focus solely on behavior tips, tricks, tools and techniques. However, Solid Roots fills a greater need than just quality behavior knowledge. Solid Roots outlines not only necessary student interventions, but also provides staff expectations for team collaboration, running efficient daily schedules and routines, and collecting reliable data. Solid Roots addresses the needs of a comprehensive behavior program through the following modules:

  • Investigations
  • Interventions
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Logistics

How to Measure Results?

A unique component of the Solid Roots program is the Quality Indicator Document which provides the following:

  • A comprehensive description of each important feature of successful behavior programming;
  • Progress monitoring of program implementation;
  • Quantified measurement of program features as “mastery” “developing” or “emerging”.
Solid Roots Staff at HHS 
  • Amanda Feely 
  • ShaTisha Mays
  • Ginifer Pierce