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My name is Said Farraje.
Currently, I am the Culinary Arts Instructor at Hutto High School. My relationship with Hospitality in general and food service in particular started back in 1991. That was the year I graduated from University Hassan II in Casablanca, Morocco with a B.A. degree in Literature and Linguistics. Back then, I did not know exactly what I wanted to do with my life yet; so, I started working different odd jobs in different fields. One of these jobs happened to be at one of the local restaurants in my hometown. I was so fascinated with what went on in the operation and how much fun I was having while doing my job. That is how I fell in love with cooking and Culinary Arts. I then joined the Technical Institute of Hotel and Tourism in Rabat, Morocco. After three years of studying, apprenticeships, internships and externships, I graduated at the top of my class with a degree in culinary Arts. After that, I worked at different hotels and restaurants in and out my native country of Morocco. I gained a substantial amount of experience throughout my nineteen years of experience in the field. I did perform almost every job there is in the restaurant business from being an entry level prep cook to being a general manager of an operation that had over eighty staff members and every other position in between. I joined the teaching profession during the 2009-2010 school year with the intention to share my knowledge in the field with future generations. Some of the other reasons I wanted to teach are my respect and passion for the profession. However, I do not intend to only teach safety and sanitation plus the art of cooking, baking and pastry making . In addition to the ServSafe and Culinary skills, I will teach my students professional, leadership and entrepreneurial skills that would give them a leg-up in a highly competitive job market. Some notable things about me are the fact that I am an avid soccer player, I speak a bunch of different languages and in 1994, I got second prize in an International Cooking Competition organized by Les Toques Blanches; a highly esteemed French Culinary organization.